The Art & Artisan Tour

The Art & Artisan Tour in Livingstone combines a visit to our Pure Skills workshop, see local works at the Livingstone National Art Gallery and a visit to the WAYAWAYA factory. It’s a tour combining compelling art with artisan work, innovative products and social enterprises.

Meet our partners on the Art & Artisan Tour! 

WAYAWAYA is part of the SLOW fashion movement, with a mission to create a meaningful industry for all people involved. Through the sale of quality leather products, WAYAWAYA carries out vocational training, artisan programs and forms viable employment for local women in Livingstone. WAYAWAYA is a family, and a different kind of brand. Every stitch we make is a physical proof that people matter. Come and visit the workshop, meet the women and have a chat about the art of handbag making.

The Livingsone National Art Gallery is a space full of light and creative atmosphere. Enjoy the finest of Zambian contemporary visual arts in regularly changing exhibition. Meet renowned Zambian artist and dive into the creative atmosphere of a modern gallery in the middle of the Zambian bush.