Pure Skills is a not for profit organisation, providing a fully accessible and inclusive training centre.  Our courses are open to all and sponsored placements are available to eligible students.

Learn to weld and fabricate with Pure Skills.

Our 12 week course covers:

  • Health & Safety in the workshop.
  • Correct use of hand tools and how to look after tools.
  • Accurate cutting with a hacksaw/grinder.
  • Correct preparation procedures before welding can commence.
  • Cleanliness within the workshop.
  • Fillet/Lap/But/Corner welds Horizontal & Vertical.

This intensive 12 week course gives you all of the skills you need for basic fabrication and complex welding procedures.  Increasing employment opportunity or enabling students to set up their own businesses.

Our small well equipped workshop gives each student access to a fully equipped workstation.  All of our students are provided with safety equipment including welding shield, safety glasses, gloves and an apron.

Two of our workstations are fully adjustable and suitable for wheelchair users.

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 students increasing individual attention from our trainer, a fully qualified Red Seal artisan welder/fabricator with over 18 years international experience in the industry.

For more information on course dates and fees or to apply for a sponsored placement contact the Pure Skills Team on:  0972078533 or 0975568359


Pure Skills produces an Organic Goats Milk Soap using 100% Soya bean oil which is grown and produced in Zambia, along with local goat’s milk and essential oils.  Soap that’s naturally moisturising and chemical free, meaning it’s good for you skin as well as the environment.

The project also supports Zambia Agency for persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) Linda Farm and its community.  The farm and community face several challenges.  There are 13 families and 108 residents.  The Farm itself lacks financial resources to diversify and build additional revenue streams, the project will provide this along with activities and training opportunities which will benefit ZAPDs clients and staff.

The community lack the opportunity for skills training, employment and equal opportunity.  It is only over the last few years that the stigma in the wider community surrounding the farm and its residents has significantly reduced.

The Goats Milk Soap Project – “Pure Soap” offers a way to productively utilise the little amount of milk produced by the herd at the Farm.

The Organic Goats Milk Soap project – “Pure Soap” offers a way to productively utilise the little amount of milk produced by the herd at the Farm.  

Organic Goats Milk Soap is not commonly found in Livingstone and the surrounding area.  The soap is made from natural products meaning a chemical free bar of moisturising soap, locally made and supporting local communities and organisations.

The project offers skills training for residents and clients of ZAPD.  As well as income generation for the Farm which, in turn can support diversity and training opportunities for residents and the wider ZAPD clientele.  With a longer term potential of creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

Pure Skills also donates soap that is not of a high enough quality to retail to the farm community.

Therefore supporting some of the objectives of ZAPD as well as 6 of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No. 1 No Poverty
  • No. 2. Zero Hunger
  • No. 4. Education via vocational skills training
  • No. 6. Water and Sanitation
  • No. 8. Decent work and Economic Growth
  • No. 10. Reduced Inequalities


  • Provision of a chemical free locally made soap, which is not harmful to people or the environment.
  • Inclusive skills and entrepreneur training in an equal opportunity environment.
  • To distribute off cuts or soap that are not of high enough quality to be sold to the community at the Farm increasing hygiene especially with the new ablution blocks that the community have access to.
  • Income generation for diversification at the farm including projects such as bee keeping and sale of honey, with the potential for bees wax products to run alongside the Pure Soap project.
  • Create employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  • A by product of selling the soap ZAPD and Pure Skills also get further awareness and publicity.


Being a busy tourist town Livingstone produces a lot of waste glass.  With only landfill being the option for disposal of much of the glass bottles, the re purposing of bottles helps to reduce this waste.

At Pure Skills re purposing of glass is taught in a low tech replicable way. 

Elements of the course include:

  • Ideas for uses of re purposed bottles – drinking glasses, snack bowls, ashtrays and candle holders to name a few.
  • How to select your bottle  
  • The art of cutting bottles
  • Sanding techniques to get that perfect finish 


Pure Skills women’s club is based in Linda Community.  The focus of the group is on skills for income generation.  There is also a program that runs alongside the skills training to teach good money management and entrepreneurship.  The club have an Airtel money savings account and are steadily building the funds in the account which they can use for resources and in the future they hope for it to be an emergency fund for club members and eventually a regular source of income for each member.

The women to date have learned how to crochet using plastic bags and have been taught knitting, rug making, macramé and jewellery making using bottle tops to create earrings.  They’ve also engaged with Zambia Breweries Manja Padmozi project which is a recycling initiative based in Lusaka and cleaned up after the annual festival “Mosi Day of Thunder” in the hope that Livingstone will become the next city for the project to expand into.