Pure Skills joined a global mass movement

Pure Skills worked alongside Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Conservation and Tourism Society (CATS) to organise Livingstone’s World Clean Up Day on September 15th, 2018.

Community members, stakeholders and organisations from the City and surrounding areas proudly took part in the global World Cleanup Day. The event saw 158 countries with 15 million people participating globally. 

In Livingstone the target was to clean roads, streets and drainage ditches with a focus on two areas. These were Maramba market bus station up to St Mary’s school in Libuyu compound and National Milling in 217 to the municipal buildings. Both points started collecting at 08:00.  

Livingstone council provided two vehicles to dispose of the waste, while Waste Masters took recyclable material.  In addition we were joined by ZAF and Protea hotel staff who cleaned up a significant percentage of Airport Road. 

The Day itself was a fantastic success for Livingstone with partners from: African Horizon (Faulty Towers), African Impact, ALERT, Atlas Mara, Bongwe Safaris, Conservation and Tourism Society – CATS, Chima Mobile Centre, Chrismar Hotel,  Department of National Parks and Wildlife,  Green Party, JCI,  Jolly Boys, Kubu Crafts, Ladies Circle, Lions International,  Livingstone Backpackers, Livingstone City Council, Musanza Milling,  Pure Skills , Shoprite, The Magic Touch, Waste Masters, Zest and Zig Zags.  

Between the 3 sites Maramba to Libuyu, 217 to the Municipal Buildings and Airport Road over 10 tons of general waste and 2 tons of recyclable waste with over 500 participating.  There were also many others who cleaned up in around their area of the City:- Falls Beverages, The Sullivans, Boabuyu School, Mosi Street Apartments to name but a few.

But, a cleaner Livingstone will not happen overnight, nor will one day make a difference. A continuous commitment, heightened awareness and increased education is needed. Therefore, on the day September 15th a pledge box was launched. Participants pledged how they will continue to work towards reducing waste. These were exhibited at the National Art Gallery wall to showcase the community’s determination to succeed. 

The Gallery exhibition launched on Thursday 20th of September, with music, wine and speeches.  The sponsors of the evening did a great job in providing food and wine.  A big thank you to African Horizons, Chrisma, Falls Beverages, Jolly Boys and Zest and to the National Art Gallery for agreeing to exhibit the pledges and photographs of the day.

President Edgar Lungu relaunched the ‘Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy’ campaign earlier this year. And the partners all agreed to work together for Livingstone to become an example to the rest of the country as a clean and environmentally friendly town.   As part of that commitment Green Tribe Livingstone facebook group has been set up to keep the momentum going and create a group committed to sustainable change.

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